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Competitor Price Monitoring &
Data Collection

Gain an edge in the market by monitoring your competitors. No more manual work – extract data from any source and automate processes today.

From the simplest to the most complex solutions

web scraping, data collection

Become a data-driven company

By leveraging data-driven strategies, companies can efficiently reduce operational costs through optimized processes, making informed decisions that not only enhance efficiency but also lead to increased profitability in today's competitive market.

reduced cost by
20 %
by leveraging data
improvement of
69 %
in decision making
23 %
accuracy increase

Our services

Turn information into value by using one of our services. Take your business to the next level.

Competitor Price Monitoring

Stay competitive by regularly monitoring your competitors' pricing, promotions and stock, enabling flexible adjustments to your pricing strategies. Monitor your competitor's price in any country, currency or marketplace.

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Data Collection

Simplify and automate tasks - get structured and ready-to-use data by using our data collection tool. Save time, cut costs and free up human resources for more critical responsibilities. Let us handle the manual work for you.

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Web Scraping

We'll craft a highly-personalized scraper by leveraging machine learning techniques for adaptive data extraction, making it exceptionally effective at targeting specific information on websites.

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15+ years of e-commerce expertise – we listen & learn

Here’s what we discovered to be the key to your success: fresh competitor & market data. With this in mind, we built BOTIS, a platform that delivers real-time price tracking, efficient data collection, and even custom scraping – all powered by our e-commerce expertise. Empower yourself to stay ahead of the curve with valuable competitor insights.
Our commitment to innovation continues – we’re expanding our mobile proxy network and launching PriceSignal, a game-changing SaaS platform for price monitoring.

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trust is the KEY
+15 years of experience
+100 long term clients
+100 GB of data transferred daily
+1M monitored prices per day

Client Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is paramount, which is why we take data security seriously and safeguard sensitive information. We’re committed to providing dependable and secure web scraping services, ensuring your identity, plans, and business strategies remain completely confidential. Every piece of information is handled with the utmost care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the questions you might have

Web scraping is a technique that automates tasks you typically perform on websites. It goes beyond just copying and pasting data. Imagine a tool that can automatically extract specific information like product details or pricing. It can also automate processes like adding items to carts, filling out forms, or bidding in auctions. This can save you significant time and effort, especially for repetitive tasks.

Tell us what specific data you want from which websites and how often you need it. We’ll then provide a quote and handle the entire setup process. Once approved, you’ll receive secure login credentials to our system where you can easily analyze and download the scraped data for further use. Contact us today to see how we can simplify your web data collection!

BOTIS can extract a wide variety of data depending on your needs. This includes text content like product descriptions, reviews, articles, and social media posts, as well as numbers like prices, quantities, ratings, and inventory levels. These are valuable for tasks like price comparison or market research.

Our minimum plan for competitor price monitoring starts at 90 eur/month. For custom solutions, such as data collection or web scraping, we determine our prices based on the scope. Our focus on long-term cooperation allows us to apply flexible pricing. Contact us with your needs and we’ll give you a quote within 24 hours.

Our robots only monitor and collect the data from webpages where this is not prohibited. We have high ethical standards and aim to ensure that the data collection process would not impede the smooth operation of the websites being analyzed.

No technical knowledge is required! We handle the entire scraping process from setup to data delivery. Just tell us what data you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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