Price tracking &
Data collection

Whether you want to explore the market, monitor your competition, compare prices, or extract data from any source, we can provide all of it under one roof.
From simple to most complex solutions.

web scraping - BOTIS

Price tracking

Compare prices to your competitors. Get instant notifications when price changes, create reprising strategies

Data collection

Extract any data from chosen source. Gather data from articles, listings and more. Schedule automated updates (daily, weekly, monthly)

Data analysis

Analyse historical data on your personalized Dashboard. Make data driven decisions by keeping track of trends


We provide APIs which let you connect all of the data to your own software

What can you gain by using

- is a robot which performs automated tasks such as web scraping, data transfer, analysis and visualization according to pre-prepared algorithms. With the help of artificial intelligence, the robot is able to learn and present conclusions and suggestions. This is the robot which turns information into value and gives a critical advantage to your business.

Price Tracking

Price Tracking. How it works?

Automated Price Tracking is a process which simplifies competitive analysis. Every business needs to know where it is in the market, what its competitors are and how they act.

With BOTIS you get all that in one system- you can compare as many competitors as you like, get daily updates and notifications straight to your e-mail when competitors change their price or runs out of stock.

How to get started:

  • Provide us with sources of your competitors (e.g. e-shop websites);
  • Indicate any relevant data you wish to collect and monitor;
  • Tell us how frequently you want to update that data (e.g. daily or even twice a day);
  • Analyze the historical data that help you improve pricing strategies, gain competitive advantage and increase profits.
Data collection

Data collection

Do you need a lot of data for your new project or perhaps you are trying to buy something at the best price possible? This is where we come in.
We can collect and systematize any data from any source.

  • Provide us the sources and indicate the data you wish to collect (job listings, articles, travel, automotive listings, etc.);
  • Get systematized data either in our system or via API;
  • Get instant notifications when new item is introduced in the market/ new listing is posted;
  • Forget the manual and repetitive work;
  • Make your business grow by allocating the time to more important tasks;
  • Analyze the data in our personalized Dashboard or at your own software via our APIs and make data driven decisions.
API Integration and Analysis

API Integration and Analysis

Once the data is collected you can either choose to monitor and analyze the data in our personalized Dashboard or get it via API.

  • API is like a connection between the data and your own software.
  • The data we provide is well structured and systematized so it is ready to use for analytics straight away.
  • You can start creating charts, diagrams immediately after having an access to our API.

If you prefer you can monitor data in our system.

  • All data can be visualized in the personalized Dashboard.
  • Choose from loads of different charts, diagrams, reports.

Why choose us


Sector analysis

Exceptional knowledge of the sector is required for high-quality data collection and analysis, which is why we pay special attention to preparation.



The sources can be websites, advertising portals, APIs, open data, and similar online resources with relevant information.



We create algorithms for robots according to the available sources, so that they can learn, collect and systematize information qualitatively.


Start of robots

The robots are started according to the determined algorithms. The robots perform their tasks extremely fast and work non-stop 24/7


Data collection

The data is systematized and stored in a database. Information differently presented in sources is harmonized (normalized)


Data analysis

The collected data is displayed in convenient tables or diagrams with filters of various ranges. Thanks to artificial intelligence, predictions and suggestions are provided.

Unlimited possibilities of application

Real Estate






Frequently asked questions

  • The prices of the services are completely individual, they are determined by the scope of provided works. We focus on long-term cooperation, which allows us to apply flexible pricing.

  • Based on the experience gained up to now, we can say that all of them. We haven’t faced the security system yet which we cannot overcome.

  • We present the information in our own environment, where it is presented in diagrams, comparison columns or tables. If necessary, we can provide data in EXCEL, CSV, JSON, XML or other formats.

  • Yes, it is. Our robots only perform analyses on those webpages where this is not prohibited. In addition, we comply with our ethical standards and aim to ensure that the data collection process would not impede the smooth operation of the being analysed websites.

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