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Competitor Price Monitoring

Unlock the ultimate product experience platform.
AI-powered product matching, dynamic pricing, and real-time alerts – all in one place.

competitor price monitoring
$ 499.99 My Price
Competitor 1 $ 505
Competitor 2 $ 517
Competitor 3 $ 525

Save Your Time & Money - track competitor prices automatically

Our all-in-one platform offers seamless product matching, intelligent dynamic pricing, and instant alerts.


Dynamic pricing

Let dynamic pricing be your pricing guru. It automatically adjusts prices based on demand, so you can maximize sales and profits while staying ahead of the competition.
Nervous about automation? Set custom repricing rules and choose: automate for effortless sales growth, or manually approve changes for ultimate control.

  • Select e-commerce sites to monitor
  • Track competitor prices regularly
  • Set up your own repricing rules and strategy
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dynamic pricing

Price Change Reports & Alerts

Get the intel you need, delivered! Receive custom reports (Excel, CSV, or XML) on your brands, products, or categories anytime. Plus, get personalized alerts whenever competitors change their prices, choosing whether you’re notified instantly, daily, or weekly. Stay informed and dominate the market!

  • Get notification every time a competitor adjusts their prices
  • Daily or weekly email reporting
  • Export personalized raport in popular formats
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Price Change Reports & Alerts

Price Tracking

Stop guessing about competitor prices. BOTIS tracks your competitors and calculates price differences in real-time. See all your competitors’ prices, along with historical data, for smarter pricing decisions. Compare your prices side-by-side and know exactly where you can sell higher!

  • Identify the products or websites you want to monitor
  • Define the monitoring frequency
  • Track the competitor price history and analyze the data
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AI powered

Product Matching

Our smart AI system automatically matches your products with competitors’ using advanced algorithms. In rare cases where a perfect match isn’t found, our AI suggests similar products based on title, image, description, or even similar-looking items. Effortless product matching, powered by AI.

  • Pair products automatically with high accuracy via AI
  • Automatic matching is faster and cheaper than manual matching
  • High success rate exceeding 90% in accurately matching offers
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Product Matching

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the questions you might have

We offer flexible scheduling options to fit your needs. You can choose daily price monitoring for highly dynamic markets or weekly monitoring for more stable industries. We also offer custom scheduling based on your specific requirements.

We go beyond just price! Our monitoring tracks various data points to provide a comprehensive picture of competitor pricing strategies. This includes product availability, any discounts or promotions offered, shipping costs, and any variations in product configurations that might affect pricing.

Our competitor price monitoring service provides valuable insights to stay ahead of the competition. You can identify competitor pricing strategies, adjust your pricing accordingly to remain competitive, and capitalize on potential sales opportunities arising from competitor price fluctuations.

Absolutely. We keep you ahead of the curve by proactively notifying you of significant price fluctuations (via email, SMS, or directly within our platform). With timely alerts, you can make informed decisions about your pricing strategy, capitalize on competitor weaknesses, and ultimately maximize your profits.

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