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Web Scraping

Our cutting-edge solutions combine block-free scraping techniques with advanced fingerprint technology to ensure smooth data collection.

Let us help you unlock the power of web scraping!

We offer industry-leading web scraping solutions designed to bypass common obstacles and deliver the data you need. Our team of experts understands the complexities of web scraping and has developed sophisticated techniques to ensure near-perfect success rates (99.99% target HTML retrieval). We can effortlessly navigate blockages and restrictions, allowing you to focus on collecting valuable data without technical headaches. 


Impeccable Data Quality

We leverage cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automatically analyze millions of data points daily.  These checks are combined with manual validation by our Q&A team. Our automated alerts system ensures that any potential issues are addressed before they impact your data delivery.

  • Intelligent data verification with AI
  • Real-time alerts for data, quality, and website structure changes
  • Constant monitoring ensures uninterrupted data flow
Impeccable Data Quality

Next-Level Web Crawling Infrastructure

Our web scraping platform handles high-volume data extraction with ease, eliminating concerns about infrastructure limitations. It seamlessly navigates complex website structures with JavaScript/AJAX, effortlessly bypasses CAPTCHAs, and adapts to IP blacklisting for uninterrupted data collection.

  • Built for scalability
  • Advanced capabilities
  • Effortless web data extraction at scale
Next-level Web Crawling Infrastructure
fields experts

Professionals with Extensive Expertise

Our experts will analyze your specific situation and recommend data-driven strategies that give you a competitive edge. They’re here to offer you free, no-obligation consultations packed with valuable insights.

  • Industry-specific insights
  • Data-driven strategies tailored to your needs
  • Free, no-obligation consultations


Professionals with Extensive Expertise
Browser Automation

Automate Website Actions with Web Scraping

Web browser automation lets you automate logging into websites, clicking specific buttons, and even downloading files – freeing you up for more strategic work.

  • Pre-filling and submitting common forms (job applications, registrations)
  • Bidding in auctions
  • Adding to cart, placing an order, etc.
Browser Automation

We Build Personalized Scrapers

Generic web scraping tools can be limiting. They may not be able to handle complex website structures or capture the exact data you require. At BOTIS, we understand that every data need is unique. That’s why we offer personalized web scraping solutions to empower you to collect the data you need, exactly how you need it.
Our team of experienced web scraping specialists will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements. We’ll build a custom scraper that targets the precise data elements you need, handles dynamic content with ease, and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the questions you might have

Our web scraping service can handle a wide variety of websites worldwide. We extract publicly available data in any currency and even Cyrillic script. With your permission, we can securely access data behind logins and automate tasks like form submissions, order placements or bidding in auctions.

You don’t need to worry about technical details, as we handle them, ensuring we respect website limits and server capacity through IP rotation. We would never overload servers or jeopardize website functionality. Our focus is on efficient, responsible scraping that keeps the web healthy for everyone.

Our web scraping service offers significant advantages over manual scraping. We provide efficiency and scalability to handle large datasets. Our expertise ensures we can navigate complex websites effectively. Additionally, we prioritize data quality assurance to deliver clean and reliable data for your analysis.

Standard web scraping services offer a one-size-fits-all approach. They typically provide pre-built templates or tools to scrape data from common website structures. While convenient, these services might not be suitable for complex websites or for collecting very specific data points. Personalized scrapers, on the other hand, are custom-built to your exact needs.

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