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Unlock Passive Income & Boost Client Value with BOTIS

Introduce BOTIS, Our all-in-one pricing platform, to your clients. By recommending BOTIS, you’ll help them optimize their pricing strategies and achieve sustainable growth. It’s a win-win for everyone, and you get rewarded for it!
There are Two Paths to Partnering with BOTIS: you can become a member of our Refferal Program only (A), or a full-fledged BOTIS partner (B).

What We Offer

50 %
first month's commission
10 %
commission for the next 12 months
1000 $
per referred client, per month

(A) Our Generous Referral Program:

  • Effortless Earnings: Earn a substantial 50% commission on the first month’s revenue when your referral becomes a paying BOTIS customer.
  • Long-Term Rewards: Enjoy a steady 10% commission for the next 11 months on every successful referral who remains a paying BOTIS customer. This commission can reach a maximum of $1,000 per referred client, per month. The more successful referrals you make, the more your monthly earnings can grow!
  • Strengthen Client Relationships: Become a trusted advisor by providing your clients with the best pricing solution in the market. Happy clients lead to long-term success for both you and them.

No Selling Required: Simply recommend us to your clients. BOTIS’ powerful features and proven results will do the rest. Once they experience the power of BOTIS and become paying customers, you’ll start earning your commission.

(B) Become a BOTIS Partner:

For those who want to take it a step further, consider becoming a full-fledged BOTIS partner. This program offers additional benefits like:

  • Deep Dives & Tailored Solutions: Our experts will show you exactly how BOTIS integrates seamlessly with your business.
  • Partner with Pricing Experts: Leverage the knowledge of our industry-leading pricing team.

Let’s Partner for Growth: Together, we can achieve high growth and exceptional client satisfaction. Become a BOTIS partner and take your services to the next level. Differentiate yourself, better serve your clients, and unlock new revenue streams by leveraging the power of BOTIS.

You get
Reward Structure
Generate additional income by leveraging our powerful web scraping and data collection tools. Our partnership programs offer lucrative referral fees.
We believe in mutual success achieved through open communication and clearly defined expectations. Our framework provides you with resources to succeed.
Focus on Success
Your success is our priority. We're dedicated to your success as a partner. That's why we equip you with all the resources needed to become a top-performing partner.
Client retention
We help your clients achieve profitable growth – it's a recipe for mutual success and long-term client relationships.

Want to become a Partner?

Drop us a note and we’ll get back to you soon.